W.A.I.T – The Project Management Meeting Time Saver

One Process Flow You Don’t Want To Forget

Do you ever wonder why so many meeting just drone on?  I discovered this diagram in my Twitter feed and originally thought I’d file it under Project Management Humor but after thinking about it, I made it my desktop background!  Think about it.

  • How many times do you hear someone drone on about some topic just so they can voice their opinion?
  • How many times do you catch yourself realizing you’re doing the same thing?
  • How often do we interject at the inappropriate times or express an opinion when facts are warranted?
  • How often do our meetings go off track as we explore seemingly unrelated tangents?
  • How often do we restate something someone has already said just to be heard?

(Oh no…not me! Come’on now…raise your hand..we’ve all been in this situation)

project management meeting rules


In your next project management kick off, when you discuss team meeting norms, include this process flow in your next presentation.  If you’re facilitating the meeting, keep this process flow handy as you’ll want to manage time appropriately.

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