Tactical Project Management Community of Practice

Tactical Project Management Community of Practice

A few years ago, I worked for a company that sponsored a formal community of practice to promote lessons learned, best practices and improve the practice of project management. The experience was an awesome one as project managers across the company came together to share real world techniques to help each other’s projects to improve. The group helped improve the overall corporate culture and provide a supportive environment. If you are new to project management or are a new hire within a new company, the community of practice can be an invaluable tool to help you get things done.

Fast forward several years and several job changes later, I’ve seen additional companies that lack a formal community of practice. The Project Management Office may host the occasional update and cascade corporate information to the senior management staff, however, best practices seem to take a backseat to communicating new administrative procedures.

I once prepared a presentation on lessons learned from a successful global system implementation. The project was one of the largest transformation projects the organization had achieved in the past 3 years. The PMO provided a 30 minute time slot only to cut the presentation to 15 minutes in favor of communicating new methodology changes. The lack of support for sharing lessons learned was disheartening.

 The Ideal PM Community of Practice

I’m convinced investing in a project management community of practice is one of the best investments a company can make to develop and improve project management maturity within their organization. However, companies of different sizes may not have the resources or bandwidth to dedicate the time to an active project management community of practice.

If you change jobs and employers, you likely lose the support group that is formed from an active project management community of practice. It would be useful to have an active project management group where people can interact and network without having to go to a PMI dinner meeting. I’m a big fan of my local PMI chapter, but the dinner meetings don’t always fit my schedule.

I also visit several project management discussion forums, yet I’m not easily notified when there is a new relevant post or comment that requires my attention. It would be helpful if I had a community of practice that was accessible via a mobile device. This way I can collaborate and communicate with other project managers while “on the go”.

 The Tactical PM Community of Practice

I spoke with a few other project management colleagues and they also wanted to see a more active solution that encourages engagement and knowledge sharing while being mobile. The solution would also provide easy notifications rather than waiting for a digital email summary. Given those parameters, it shouldn’t surprise you that I’m launching the Tactical PM Community of Practice on Facebook.

The group is a closed group so you need to request access to join the group. Membership is free but I don’t want a community of practice full of spammers.  I’m looking for aspiring and professional project managers who want to collaborate, communicate and share best practices to help the project management profession. If you’re interested learning more, please visit the URL below and join the group today:


I’ve seeded the discussion board with a few introductory questions and I’m looking for you to contribute additional questions and answers!

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