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Learn how to analyze your project schedule in minutes!

Stop Struggling with Microsoft Project and Start Using It To Deliver Your Project

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This is great stuff! Kudos to you. – Ron Schiller, PMP, PM-SP

Use these powerful CUSTOM filters to manage your project schedule

The Challenge with Analyzing a Microsoft Project Schedule

Project managers are always juggling project delivery with project administrative overhead.

I get it. It isn’t easy.

Do these reasons sound familiar?

  • No time to keep accurate updates
  • It seems IMPOSSIBLE to QUICKLY evaluate project health
  • Highly administrative
  • It takes WAY TOO LONG to find late tasks
  • The project schedule KEEPS changing
  • You HUNT, PECK and MANUALLY filter MS Project columns
  • Even the vendor’s schedule is POORLY Developed
  • No reuse from project to project

And What if the Project Schedule Isn’t ANY GOOD?

Often project managers receive schedules from other teams and other vendors. Let’s face it. A lot of those schedules are POORLY developed.

  • Some “project managers” build schedules with pick-a-date project management
  • Projects lack the proper dependencies and milestones to communicate effectively
  • A “good” schedule is entirely subjective to a project manager’s experience (UNLESS a standard is used)
  • Trying to integrate and manage poorly developed schedules is a PM’s nightmare

How often has this happened to you?

  • You receive a vendor’s project schedule and project schedule LACKS THE QUALITY you’re expecting given the vendor’s billing rate!
  • You spend HOURS trying to MANAGE Microsoft Project when you should be MANAGING THE PROJECT!
  • You filter Microsoft Project like it is Microsoft Excel – WASTING time with UNNECESSARY clicks!
  • You spend WAY TOO much time finding late tasks, updating task progress and chasing task status

Fortunately there is a better way!


Schedule Analyzer and Power Filters

The Tactical Project Management Schedule Analyzer & Power Filters is the solution to assessing project schedule quality, calculating project metrics and managing your project schedule in less time!

  1. Improve project delivery and manage your project easily!. Get insight into your project schedule health and overall project quality.
  2. Assess project schedule quality in SECONDS. With one click, you know if your schedule meets standard scheduling best practices including those defined by the DCMA.
  3. Generate project metrics FAST: One click generates a ton of project schedule metrics that quickly and objectively tell you if you’re on track or not!
  4. Find the tasks you need to manage your schedule FASTER With over 40 filters, you can quickly find the tasks you need to know if you’re behind schedule, identify custom milestones and find the tasks that need updating.

$47 Only $27

Over 40 customer filters and Instant Metrics

Install over 40 Custom Microsoft Project Filters in Seconds

microsoft project filters

Generate Project Schedule Metrics with a Single Click

project metrics

Within minutes of using our Power Filters, you’ll accomplish

  • Identify missing baselines
  • Identify tasks with bad logic
  • Find tasks requiring updates
  • Find bad dependencies
  • Identify bad durations
  • Find orphaned tasks
  • Develop a custom milestone report
  • Find poorly allocated resources
  • Identify late tasks
  • Commit estimated durations to realistic durations

Over 40 custom Microsoft Project Filters and highlights

  • Completed Tasks
  • Remaining Tasks
  • Behind Schedule
  • Future Tasks
  • In Process Tasks
  • Manually Scheduled Tasks
  • Missing Final Duration Estimates
  • Summary Tasks with Dependencies
  • Custom Milestones
  • Deadlines
  • Tasks Requiring Updates
  • Late Starts
  • Late Finishes
  • Missing Baseline Dates
  • High Duration (PMI)
  • Summary Tasks with Resources

DCMA Quality Checks and Filters included

  • Total Tasks
  • Baseline Count
  • BEI Baseline Count
  • Missing Logic
  • Leads and Lags
  • Missing Resources
  • Non Finish to Start Relationships
  • Hard Constraints
  • High Float and Negative Float
  • Start Date and Finish Dates in the Past
  • Invalid Actual Dates
  • Missed Tasks

Start managing your schedule with ease!

  1. Over 40 custom filters and highlights
  2. Schedule Quality Analyzer. Assess quality according to DCMA standards!
  3. Project Metrics Analyzer
  4. Bonus #1 Are You Ready To Baseline Checklist.
  5. Bonus #2 How to Build a 4 Week Task Window MS Project tutorial

$47 Only $27

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What MS Project versions are supported?
    The tool has been developed for Microsoft Project 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007
  2. Is it easy to install?
    The filters and project quality and metrics macros are delivered using VBA. Just open the template file, access the Microsoft Project Organizer and copy the filters and modules onto your machine.