Team Development Lessons Learned

If the team can apply the lessons learned in the forming and storming phase, the team progress faster to the norming and performing phase. In this second article, I’ll highlight a few useful lessons learned across the Norming and Performing phases.

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Request for Proposal Tips

Request for Proposal

Credit: Guillaume Brialon The Request for Proposal (RFP) process is a purchasing process used to elicit service provider proposals for a specific product, service or solution.  In Information Technology, this often translates into the purchasing of IT services, software or the combination of both.   If you have ever been through an RFP purchasing cycle, then…

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Stop Facilitating Lessons Learned Workshop Sessions

Lessons Learned Workshop

Lessons Learned Workshops—marksdk ( Project teams should simply stop conducting post-mortems and stop wasting time facilitating lessons learned workshops. When I first heard these words I thought it would’ve been considered blasphemy to the PMBOK editorial staff. Undoubtedly the Project Management Institute would revoke PMP certifications on the spot if they found the speaker (ahem…culprit)…

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Project Transition to Operations

project transition to operations

Transition—h koppdelaney ( Have you ever struggled with supporting a newly deployed application while managing subsequent releases? Have you ever had problems with project transition to operations? Enterprise projects and programs often have multiple releases to various countries and business units. Project teams run the risk of becoming lost in transition when the initial release…

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