Project Management Hacks, Tips and Tricks

project management hacks

project management hacksWith these project management tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to reduce administrative glut and get more done!

As project managers, we are often asked to do more with less.  Replying “No” to a request from your leadership team isn’t the wisest career move.  Instead, we need to find creative ways to save time and get more done.

This presentation contains 24 different management hacks that will improve productivity, methodology, meeting management, schedule management and make email and communication easier.   Throughout the presentation, there are various links and references to other websites to further augment your knowledge of practical, prove in practice tips.  I encourage your to check out the links mentioned in the presentation and apply them to your projects.

After all, we’ve got projects to deliver!

Project Management Hack Categories

These project management tips are organized in to the following categories:

  • Methodology Hacks
  • Meeting Hacks
  • Schedule and Task List Hacks
  • Email and Communication Hacks
  • Tool Hacks

Project Management Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Links Mentioned in the Presentation


Too Many Templates

Developing Useful Organization Charts and Communication Plans with MindGenius

ToolShop: AgreeDo
A Better Project Map

Mind Mapping a Better WBS

Mind Mapping a Better View

Mind Mapping Your Project Schedule

Don’t Fear the WBS

Project Schedule Control with MindManager

3 Minutes to Effective Issue Management

Project Manager Challenge: Recognizing Your Contribution

Managing Deadlines in Microsoft Project

Add Late Task Indicator Tool to Microsoft Project

Using VBA to Find Late Finish Dates

The Behind Schedule Filter

Losing Focus How to Avoid Project Squirrels

How to check email twice a day or once every 10 days

Take More Than Notes on your Table with Evernote

Solution Providers

Tools and Techniques

Opt In Image
Get the Job You Deserve In 7 Easy Steps
Learn a simple 7 step process for finding, preparing and passing your next PM interview
  1. Learn how to write a project management specific resume. Optimize your resume to highlight your PM experience and get an interview
  2. Find the right opportunity. Ensure the opportunity is a fit for you as well as the company. Finding the right opportunity goes beyond applying to job boards and attending a PMI meeting.
  3. Pass the initial phone screen. Learn how to pass the phone screen and learn the secrets recruiters use to validate your profile.
  4. Prepare for the on-site interview and the stages afterward. Learn how to successfully prepare for the on-site interview using a proven technique with minimal preparation.