Project Management Resources

I’m often asked about PRACTICAL and USEFUL project management resources.  A quick search on any project management topic will reveal millions of pages to review.  Fortunately, I found a few useful tools, books, blogs and other resources to help in your project delivery.

(P.S.  If you have a recommended resource for the page, email me and I’ll review it!)

Cool Office Tools for Project Managers

Everyone that stops by my office, asks “Where did you get the desktop whiteboard?” You can get it here.

I exciting can a pen be? These Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine are my go-to writing pen. Ask you office supply manager to order them in bulk!

Microsoft Project Tutorials

Our list of step by step How to Use Microsoft Project Tutorials includes:

Project Management Templates

Project Management Books

PMO Resources

You can find a lot of presentations, white papers and books on PMO management with a quick Google search.  A lot of PPM software vendors provide useful  white papers and their vision of PMO implementation. Ofcourse, each implementation looks best in their tool but their white papers provide a good framework.  Take a look at:

PMO Books

Below are 3 books that I recommend to anyone looking to start a PMO.


There is even a podcast dedicated to the art of the PMO!  Mark Price Perry hosts this podcast and it is definitely worth a listen!  Ofcourse, I’m kinda partial to episode #135

Project Management Software

LiquidPlanner online project management software

LiquidPlanner is a leader in innovative scheduling and collaboration for project management solutions.

Other excellent PM web-based solutions include:

Also, if you’re looking for a lite Portfolio Management solution,  PPM Roadmap has a promising solution.

Project Management Sharepoint Solutions

If your company has invested into Microsoft Sharepoint or if you’re looking for a Sharepoint based project management framework, check out:

Project Management Mind Mapping Software

Over the years, I’ve written frequently about applying mind mapping techniques to project management. Below are 3 packages you must try!

Mind Mapping Templates

biggerplate mind mapsOnce you have your selected mind mapping tool, head on over to the team at  They have an entire section of project management mind maps!

Biggerplate provides thousands of mind map templates and examples, including a large number for Project Management, all available to view and download for free!

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