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If you have a project management question, who do you reach out to?

You’ve got your professional LinkedIn network, Twitter and your work colleagues and peers. More than likely, you’ll turn to Google to do deeper research on your favorite project management research topic.  However, wouldn’t it be better if you had a search engine that was powered by Google but was based solely on reputable project management blogs and websites?

I’ve been of fan of for years as the site provides simply “connects the project management world” with an entire repository of relevant project management articles, links and research.  The PMConnection Search engine is a nifty tool that has of 100 project management websites indexed in the search tool and provides relevant results from credible project management websites.

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I asked Jack Black, owner of PMConnection, why he created the tool.

I created the tool based upon the need.  I got tired of “Googling” a topic and then wading through the results until I found something from a reliable source – Jack Black, PMConnection

Each of the sites in the engine have to have a good reputation for quality content.  Each of the sites are specifically related to project, program or portfolio management.  Topics on Microsoft Project, Project Server, PMOs or PMP Certification are also included in the engine.  A lot of project management specific sites can be geared towards sales of a particular tool or service.  These sites are focused on content first so the reader can find valuable information without having to go through an opt-in form to download an ebook, white paper or view the content.

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If you run a project management site, you can submit your site to be included in the engine at

What’s Next for PMConnection?

PMConnection is currently focusing on its social media presence to let project managers know about the different types of content on the site.  When PMConnection started 10 years ago, they relied primarily on a monthly newsletter to distribute information.  Today, information needs to be distributed in smaller bites at a more rapid pace.

PMConnection also publishes their mission and goals at

Mr. Black also indicated his company is working on something new that no one else is doing in the project management space.  It will fill a void in the project management and Microsoft Project space.  I tried to get him to tip his hand but he wants to maintain the competitive advantage.  The new idea launches in 2nd Qtr 2015.

Give the PMConnection Search Engine a try

Head on over to and give the project management research search engine a try.  I think you’ll find it useful for relevant PM articles that have been peer reviewed by an industry subject matter expert.  You’ll also find the Tactical Project Management blog is a part of the search results!

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