Three Project Management Interview Questions You Need to Ask

project management interview questions

The Project Manager Hiring Challenge Do you manage a PMO and need to hire a project manager? If you run a project management office that staffs project managers, then you know the challenge and headaches associated with finding great project managers. When a new PM position needs to be filled, the PMO manager will spend…

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Five Steps to Determine Project Feasibility

project feasibility

Is your project feasible? Credit: Julia Manzerova The best way to find out whether your project is feasible is to complete a Feasibility Study. This process helps you gain confidence that the solution you need to build can be implemented on time and under budget. So here’s how to do it in 5 simple steps……

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Establish a Project Management Community of Practice

Establishing a project management community of practice (COP) requires a modest amount of effort, but if you follow these steps, you’ll have your first community of practice meeting within a few weeks. The steps are neither complex nor time-consuming, but they do require some planning to ensure a successful community of practice launch. Step 1:…

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Too Many Project Management Templates

project management templates

Templates, MS Word Work Instructions Template Example— ( Does your project management methodology hinder rather than enable project delivery? At first glance, this question may offend rather than provoke critical thought. After all, a PM methodology is supposed to ensure work is completed using a disciplined, proven set of processes to ensure consistent and reliable…

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Promoting the Project Management Office

promote the pmo

Project Management Office: Learn how to market and promote your PMO Project Management Institute Savannah River Site ( New project management offices often face skepticism and outright resistance, especially in organizations lacking project management maturity. Here are five actions that emerging PMOs should take to communicate their purpose and functions, and a downloadable template to…

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