Mind Mapping Across the Project Lifecycle

project management mind map

project management mind map

Developing a project management mind map to support project management has been a relatively new topic over the past 10 years.  Project management as a profession has been around since the 1960s yet applying mind mapping to project management is a relatively young concept. (Just look at your PM deliverables in Word, Excel or a Powerpoint format vs. a visual mind map format).

Mind mapping is a visual thinking technique that uses nodes, colors and branches to convey ideas. Maps can be used to communicate strategic vision, tactical plans or simple roadmaps with enticing graphics and colors. They can also be a simple network of circles and lines to diagram an idea or a summarize a topic.

I’ve found apply mind mapping to project management to be an effective technique to brainstorm project scope, develop an initial work breakdown structure, develop organization charts and project roadmaps. Over the years, I’ve been able to share these a variety of technology blogs including projectmanagement.com, techrepublic.com and several leading mind mapping software vendors.

The team at Biggerplate.com asked me to talk about applying mind mapping to project management for one of their webinars. If you ever wondered how and where mind mapping should be applied across the project lifecycle, then listen to this webinar as I walk through the project management mind map.

Mind Mapping Across the Project Lifecycle Webinar

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You can also download the mind map version of this presentation at Biggerplate.com

Mind Map Your Next Project Management Interview

project manager interview questionsIn this lecture, I referenced the mind map technique to successfully prepare for your next project management interview.  If you’d like more guidance on project manager interview questions and the mind map technique, check out my book Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy – includes resume templates, sample questions and the interview preparation technique!





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