Get the Project Management Job You Deserve in 7 Easy Steps!

Don't waste time memorizing an exhaustive list of interview questions

Learn a SIMPLE 7 Step Process for finding, preparing and passing your next PM Interview

Why you need to read this book

If you are a business professional seeking your first project manager role or you are an experienced project manager seeking more senior roles, then this book will help you prepare for a successful interview!

  • Are you a business professional seeking your first project management role?
  • Do you have project management experience and are seeking more senior roles?
  • Are you a hiring manager responsible for interviewing project managers?
  • Follow the 7 step interview process and you'll be well prepared for your next interview
  • Generate a list of job opportunities to pursue!

Interview Strategies ... Not Just Questions

Many of the "interview questions" books on the market today simply provide a list of questions and suggested answers.

  • Regurgitating a list of memorized responses is unrealistic and ineffective
  • Hiring managers want the experience behind the answer, not just the PMP certified response!
  • This solution uses a step-by-step approach to identify opportunities, prepare for a project management interview and pass the interview without meaningless memorization
  • Follow an interview strategy not a generic list of questions to land your next project management job

The Key to Your Next Project Management Interview


Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy

Learn how to prepare, pass the interview and get the job you deserve!

  1. Learn how to write a project management specific resume.  Optimize your resume to highlight your PM experience and get an interview.
  2. Find the right opportunity. Ensure the opportunity is a fit for you as well as the company.  Finding the right opportunity goes beyond applying to job boards and attending a PMI meeting.
  3. Pass the initial phone screen. Learn how to pass the phone screen and learn the secrets recruiters use to validate your profile.
  4. Prepare for the on-site interview and the stages afterward.  Learn how to successfully prepare for the on-site interview using a proven technique with minimal preparation.
project management interview questions

Customer Reviews

A great tool for understanding interview questions and project management
- Mark A. Mccoy

Easy to read and straight to the point. Essential nuggets for a successful career in project management.

Outstanding preparatory steps for new candidates and an excellent review for the seasoned interviewee - Robert Costales

Must Read!  Great book for getting your career on track.  Useful tips and techniques to help get that interview and win it. - Nik Vukobratovic

Great information and well organized!  I bought this book to acquire additional information on improving my chances of employment in IT.  This book will help me edge out my competition.

Get the Job You DESERVE in 7 Easy Steps

  • Printable eBook in PDF format
  • Sample resume templates for novice and experience project managers
  • Mind Mapping templates to prepare you for each interview
  • A career contact tool to track job leads and key contacts during your search
  • Project Management interview guide for hiring managers and perspective candidates
  • Includes Project Manager Resume Templates and SAMPLES!

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project management interview questions

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What You'll Receive

project management interview questions
  • Printable PDF Preparation Guide
  • Learn a simple 7 step process to find, prepare and pass your next interview
  • Interview Guides
  • Project Manager Resume Templates
  • Sample Resume Examples for experienced and new project managers
  • Mind mapping interview templates

Only $27

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this solution doesn't prepare you for your next PM interview within the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

P.S.:: Remember, finding the BEST project management job isn't easy.  If you're looking to gain an edge on the competition, get started with Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy!

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