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4 Ways to Use Atlassian Confluence for Project Documentation

In his Atlassian Confluence tutorial, which is part of my Confluence for Project Management series, I highlight the project documentation management challenge and the benefits of maintaining project documentation in Atlassian Confluence.

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Speaking Notes

Watch the video above and learn 4 ways to use Atlassian Confluence for project documentation.  If you want to connect your cloud-diagramming tool to Confluence, follow these links:

The Project Documentation Management Challenge 

documentation headaches

  • Version control always seems to be a challenge as teams work in Excel or Word.
  • Someone creates a document and then sends it via email for everyone to review
  • How often do you ask “Who has the most recent Excel files?”
  • Someone makes one change and everyone else is out of sync
  • How often does someone reach out to the project manager to ask if they have the correct version?

Project Documentation Delays

too busy documentation

  • Creating project documentation (functional specifications, technical specifications, support documentation) all take a lower priority in a project
  • Teams focus on launching the product and then focus on the next project or next release
  • Often requires assembling different attachments and embedding them in a Word document or a zip file.


 #1 Use Confluence as the project management documentation repository

project documentation management atlassian confluence

  • Develop documentation in Confluence as the project progresses across various phases
  • Encourage you to STOP working in one-off documents and start COLLABORATING in Confluence.

#2 Use Confluence instead of sending emails

  • Create a page and manage discussion in the page comments.
  • No more SEARCHING the INBOX for the latest comment or viewpoint
  • Inline comments allow uses to collaborate and provide feedback on the actual document

#3 Use Confluence instead of sending documents

atlassian confluence attachments

  • Documents can be attached to Confluence
  • Documents can be embedded in Confluence
  • Create a page in Confluence instead of creating a Word, Powerpoint or Visio file

#4 Create Process Flow diagrams and Architecture diagrams in Confluence

  • Cloud-based diagramming tools have direct integrations into Atlassian Confluence

atlassian confluence smart draw

Additional Features

  • Versioning is available for every change – revert back to previous versions!
  • Automatic notification for document changes (i.e. Watcher)
  • Share the LINK to to Confluence page vs. sending the attachment

Confluence Documentation Benefits

  • Establishes one source of truth for all project documents
  • Centralizes communication instead of searching for emails or instant messages
  • Provides transparency so all team members know the latest information
  • Easily enables document editing features

Learn how to manage your projects BETTER with Atlassian Confluence

Manage projects, programs and portfolios using using Atlassian Confluence

atlassian confluence project management

Learn how to:

  • Managing with a Wiki and the Project Manager’s Dilemma
  • Creating Status Reports and Dashboards
  • Tracking Program Action Items
  • Gantt Charts and Roadmaps
  • Tracking Issues and Risks
  • Managing Project and Program Requirements
  • 1:1 Status Reports

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