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Written By Andrew Makar

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Microsoft Project remains one of the leading project management tools in the market.  The desktop version of Microsoft Project has scheduling capabilities and views of project data that make it an indispensable tool for project managers.  Despite being a powerful scheduling tool, it is difficult to share and distribute the detailed project schedule to all stakeholders.

If the stakeholders don’t have Microsoft Project installed, the project manager needs to jump through hurdles exporting Microsoft Project into Excel, Powerpoint, and then struggle with various formatting features to display the Gantt chart correctly in a PDF file. The stakeholder typically has more questions which then requires producing a different view of recutting the project schedule.  The solution is often to have a business owner install Microsoft Project at $620 per license.

If only there was a better Microsoft Project Viewer.

Fortunately, there is!

Meet the Seavus Project Viewer

With Seavus Project Viewer, a low-cost Microsoft Project viewer, you can open, view, and print Microsoft Project (.MPP) files easily.  I got a chance to work with Seavus Project Viewer and I was impressed by how it looks and feels like Microsoft Project.

Seavus Project Viewer Gantt

Seavus Project Viewer supports all the views commonly found in Microsoft Project.  At first glance, it looks just like Microsoft Project except for the different colors.  All your favorite views are supported including the Calendar, Detailed Gantt, Gantt Chart, Resource Sheet, and Resource Usage views.  Your stakeholder will want to view the project data through their lens and will often want to see data from a different perspective.  A project sponsor wants to see a Gantt chart summary while a PMO manager wants to see a resource allocation view.

Microsoft Project Viewer - Resource View

The Seavus Project Viewer includes all the views found in MS Project and can quickly open large project schedules in less than 3 seconds.  The viewer supports master and sub-project schedules and can open project schedules published on Microsoft Project Server.  

Multiple Timeline Views

The Seavus Project Viewer also enables project managers to create multiple views of the timeline view.  With a few clicks, you can easily add additional tasks to two timeline views.  This feature is helpful when showing the higher-level program view in addition to any detailed timeline view that you’d like to communicate.

Seavus Project Viewer Multiple Timeline

The timeline view is useful when communicating with executive management to provide a summary level view.  The Gantt chart view is indeed useful, but I’ve found the timeline is a better view to communicate a high-level project timeline while supported by the detailed Gantt chart.

Collaborate with the Task Update Feature

As a project manager, obtaining task status updates from the team is a highly administrative one.  Seavus Project Viewer solves the problem by enabling task updates within the Seavus Project viewer.  After installing the Task Update MS-Project Add in, the project manager can activate the collaboration features within Microsoft Project and distribute the file with Seavus Project Viewer.

Seavus Project Viewer MS Project Options

Within Seavus Project Viewer, the team member can adjust the dates and report the amount of time spent against a given task.   The project manager can then accept or reject the task changes and incorporate them into the project schedule.  This feature saves a significant amount of time trying to track down individual tasks from various team members throughout the week.

Seavus Microsoft Project Viewer for the Mac platforms

More and more teams are using both PC and Mac computers to deliver projects.  If you are a Mac user, Seavus Project Viewer also offers a Microsoft Project viewer for the Mac.  Using your MAc, you can still view the Gantt Chart, Task Sheet, and Resource Sheet views to get quick status on project progress.  As more teams used web-based tools to collaborate, the need to view MPP files on different platforms increases as different teams will use different technology platforms.


Seavus Project Viewer offers individual, company, and enterprise-level pricing options.  A single-user license is $31 and price discounts are available as you grow into 100 to 200 license seats.

Seavus MPP Viewer Pricing

Considering the Mpp viewer license is less than 10% of a new Microsoft Project license, your company and teams can benefit from viewing and understanding the project detail without incurring the full cost of a Microsoft Project license!

Seavus Project Viewer offers a 15-day free trial, so you can get started viewing MS Project files at no cost and try out all the features!

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