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Resouce Management Model Example Microsoft Project 2007

Resource Management Using Microsoft Project

I always enjoy reading emails from project managers who put Microsoft Project techniques into action.  I received an email from an employee at the United States Central Command asking about how to use Microsoft Project to track personnel on a military base and monitor resource levels as units deactivate during a base closing. The goal […]

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how to eva in microsoft project

Import Excel Into Microsoft Project

If you’ve worked with external vendors for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve noticed the variety of formats vendors use for a project schedule.  In some cases, it is a formal MS Project schedule.  In other cases, it is a set of dates described in an email or it is developed in every non-MS […]

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Critical Path Microsoft Project

Critical Path in Microsoft Project 2007

Understanding the critical path on your project is an important concept as the critical path drives your end date.  If there is a single delay in any of the tasks on the project schedule, it will have a direct impact on the project end date. Applying the critical path methodology is one approach to understanding […]

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Network Sensitvity

Network Sensitivity and the Critical Path

If you’ve been studying the critical path methodology (CPM) and project schedule development, you may have heard the term network sensitivity. Without going into a lecture on constructing project networks with forward and backward passes, I’ll define sensitivity in simple terms. A project schedule is considered sensitive if the critical path will likely change during […]

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Export Calendar From MS Project

MS Project Export Calendar View Tutorial

Exporting the calendar view from Microsoft Project  to Microsoft Word is a simple task that is useful to communicate key timelines, activities and milestones. The process creates a GIF file that can be included in any Office document. Export Calendar Using MS Project 2010 To export the calendar view, follow these simple steps: 1. Switch […]

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Recurring Task Ms Project Team Status Meeting

MS Project Recurring Tasks

I recently received an email regarding the use of recurring tasks in Microsoft Project. The question was “What are the pros and cons of using a recurring task in Microsoft Project versus scheduling individual tasks for a weekly status meeting?” My response was I don’t use them.  Here’s why: My preference is to avoid recurring […]

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how to eva in microsoft project

How to Calculate Earned Value in Microsoft Project 2007

In order to apply earned value to your Microsoft project plan, you will need to complete the following six tasks: Enter Resources with hourly bill rates in the Resource Sheet view Assign resources to tasks in the Gantt Entry view Save the Project Baseline Record Actual Start/Finish and Actual Work each week in the project […]

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Using Microsoft Project Fixed Duration, Fixed Work and Fixed Unit Type Fields

A lot of users have questions on MS-Project fixed work vs fixed duration fields.  This lesson focuses on the project planning phase and using the different task types to build an accurate work breakdown structure. After the project manager and other stakeholders understand the project scope, the project can be decomposed into manageable chunks and […]

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