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microsoft project tutorial finding invalid milestones

Project Schedule Quality 103: Finding Invalid Milestones

In this Microsoft Project tutorial, you’ll identify invalid milestones using by creating an invalid milestone custom filter.

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microsoft project tutorial custom filter

Project Schedule Quality 102: Finding Invalid Summary Tasks

In this Microsoft Project tutorial, you’ll learn how to identify invalid summary tasks in a project schedule by building custom filters. We want to identify any summary tasks that have a predecessor and any summary tasks that have resources assigned.

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Using Deadlines in Microsoft Project

One of the key lessons learned with Microsoft Project is to build a dynamic project schedule. A dynamic schedule is properly sequenced and is free of any task constraints. As the project executes, the Start and Finish dates will adjust based on the actual start/finish and actual work/duration recorded in the schedule.

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high duration filter

Microsoft Project Tutorial Create Custom Filters with MS Project 2013

I often receive requests for specific tutorials on how to customize Microsoft Project. Creating custom filters, views and tables to help identify late tasks, schedule quality issues or track progress are all part of a project manager’s tool kit. With every new project, the PM can use a customized MS Project template to manage the […]

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project dashboard microsoft project

Microsoft Project Dashboard Tutorial

Creating a management report that  project status within a program or portfolio often requires Microsoft PowerPoint or 3rd party software to develop a project dashboard. Executive management simply wants to see status at a glance and spending unnecessary time creating great looking PowerPoint or Visio diagrams just adds to the project manager’s administrative burden. Wouldn’t […]

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Figure 4 - Behind Schedule filter Late Task Filter Microsoft Project

Finding Late Tasks with Microsoft Project Custom Filters

When managing a project schedule of even a moderate size, it’s valuable to be able to quickly identify late tasks without scrolling through a large hierarchy of tasks. In Microsoft Project, you can identify incomplete, late, or slipped tasks by using one of these options: Tracking Gantt view Incomplete Tasks filter Late Tasks Assigned to […]

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User-controlled scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010

User-controlled scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010

With the MS Project 2010, project managers have the option of scheduling tasks manually or letting MS Project schedule the task start and end dates using the scheduling engine.  When I first head about this feature, I was convinced this is the dumbing down of project schedule development.  However, I recognize a portion of Microsoft […]

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Inactive Tasks with Microsoft Project

How to use Inactive Tasks with MS Project 2010

As project managers, we know the project schedule will change throughout the course of a project. Dates adjust, resources are swapped, and tasks are added, modified and deleted. Adding and updating task information is straightforward however deleting a task in MS Project raises some theoretical questions about if you should even delete a task from […]

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