5 Reasons to Use ProjectManager.com On Your Next Project

project manager dashboard

In 2003, I got my first glance at web-based project management tools and loved the features including the top-down management view with the bottom up details that drive project delivery.  The ease of integration seemed like a PMBOK-infused nirvanah where people, data and projects all come together.  Fast forward ten years later and the technology…

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Project Management Hacks, Tips and Tricks

project management hacks

With these project management tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to reduce administrative glut and get more done! As project managers, we are often asked to do more with less.  Replying “No” to a request from your leadership team isn’t the wisest career move.  Instead, we need to find creative ways to save time and…

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Team Development Lessons Learned

If the team can apply the lessons learned in the forming and storming phase, the team progress faster to the norming and performing phase. In this second article, I’ll highlight a few useful lessons learned across the Norming and Performing phases.

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Request for Proposal Tips

Request for Proposal

Credit: Guillaume Brialon The Request for Proposal (RFP) process is a purchasing process used to elicit service provider proposals for a specific product, service or solution.  In Information Technology, this often translates into the purchasing of IT services, software or the combination of both.   If you have ever been through an RFP purchasing cycle, then…

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Improving Project Status Reports with Visual Reporting

Visual Status Reporting using a Work Breakdown Structure

Google has over 13 million pages that describe project status reports.  If you read all of them, you’d find a lot of discussions on the purpose of status reporting, key components and numerous templates.  I’ll save you the time reading 13 million pages and provide three useful formats to include in your project or program…

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Microsoft Project Tutorial: User-controlled scheduling with Microsoft Project

User-controlled scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010

User-Controlled (Manual) Scheduling with MS Project With the MS Project 2010, project managers have the option of scheduling tasks manually or letting MS Project schedule the task start and end dates using the scheduling engine.  When I first head about this feature, I was convinced this is the dumbing down of project schedule development.  However,…

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Microsoft Project Tutorial: How to use Inactive Tasks with MS Project

Inactive Tasks with Microsoft Project

Learn how to use Inactive Tasks with MS Project As project managers, we know the project schedule will change throughout the course of a project. Dates adjust, resources are swapped, and tasks are added, modified and deleted. Adding and updating task information is straightforward however deleting a task in MS Project raises some theoretical questions…

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