Best Meeting Minutes Software for Project Managers

Best Meeting Minute Software Solutions for Project Managers

Meeting minutes are an administrative reality found in every organization and nearly every project. Meeting minute software helps reduce the project manager’s administrative burden. The best meeting minutes software packages for project managers are …

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MindGenius 2018 Mind Mapping Software Review

I recently had the opportunity to download and review the MindGenius 2018 release – their latest mind mapping software release for the Windows platform. I’ve written about MindGenius before (TechRepublic: Five Reasons to Use MindGenius on your Projects) and I’ve been a big fan of their mind mapping approach for years.  MindGenius provides a new…

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Three Project Management Interview Questions You Need to Ask

project management interview questions

The Project Manager Hiring Challenge Do you manage a PMO and need to hire a project manager? If you run a project management office that staffs project managers, then you know the challenge and headaches associated with finding great project managers. When a new PM position needs to be filled, the PMO manager will spend…

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