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Written By Andrew Makar

Professional Cat Herder and an Agile Enthusiast with a keen interest in putting PM theory into actual practice.

Agile project management continues its adoption across small and large scale software implementations.  The resources below provides recommendations of agile project management software, project management tools and recommended agile books.

Agile Project Management Books

Scaling Software Agility

If you want to learn how to scale Agile practices across your organization, start with Dean Leffingwell’s book. I found it foundational in understanding and applying agile at scale.

I’ve used this book to help develop Agile methodology for multiple IT organizations.

User Stories Applied
User stories are simple to understand but there are complexities in implementing them easily. This book provides a great overview on how to effectively manage user stories.
Bridge to Agility
If you are working in a waterfall organization and looking to adopt Agile, then this book is for you. It will help you or your PMO translate traditional waterfall techniques to Agile delivery.
Succeeding with Agile
I found this book very helpful with real world case studies and examples on how to success with Agile techniques.
User Stories Applied
If traditional project management uses a work break down structure, then user story mapping is the equivalent in an Agile development team. Visual thinking and release planning combined in one document!

Agile Resources

Below are a few trusted sites that provide agile examples and advice on agile project management processes.

User Story Mapping

    User story mapping is an excellent tool to plan sprints and releases as well as prioritizing the most important features to the product owner.

    User story mapping can be done using sticky notes, index cards or story mapping software.


    agile storymap
    Below are a few useful links on the story mapping technique.

    User Story Splitting

    Agile Podcasts


    Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

    This is an excellent video that explains the agile product owner role and involvement in an agile team.

    I find it helpful to send this video to new client product owners so they have a better understanding of the Agile process and their role in providing requirements and setting priorities within the team.

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