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Tactical Project Management provides simple, easy to implement project management techniques based on fundamental project management processes. We dubbed the philosophy simply “The Tactical Approach”. Our clients succeed by following the Tactical Approach because of the techniques’ direct impact on results. These Tactical Approach techniques are grounded in theory and proven in practice. There isn’t room for fluff or pontificating…we’re all too busy delivering projects!

The Tactical Approach

Each year project managers across the world apply for the Project Management Professional certification as the rite of passage into the project management profession. The industry recognizes PMI certification as the standard to identify project managers with a solid project management competency. A quick search for project management on any of the job boards will reveal the demand for PMPs. Nearly every project management posting lists the PMP certification as a required or desired characteristic.

Certification in project theory is an excellent first step to validate a project manager’s competency. However, it doesn’t effectively develop a project manager’s proficiency. Instead of focusing on how many project managers are PMP certified or have university sponsored project management certificates, organizations need to focus on how many project managers effectively apply the project management body of knowledge. A growing number of PMPs are left having passed the test, but lack the proficiency to effectively implement project management processes using repeatable techniques.

In order to achieve predictable results, organizations need to adopt common, repeatable processes. Common, repeatable processes are supported with standard techniques and tools. Processes are readily adopted when they are easy to understand and add value.

The Tactical Approach provides easy to implement techniques that produce repeatable results. The Tactical Project Management staff heard the question project managers often ask – “I passed the test. Now what?” Instead of inundating an organization with binders full of methodology, the Tactical Approach provides focused, useful techniques for the primary project management processes using real-world tools. Adopting the Tactical Approach enables project managers to transform project management theory into practical application.

Plan. Execute. Deliver!

About the Author

Andy MakarDr. Andrew Makar is an IT Director with delivery experience across projects, programs and portfolios in Automotive and Financial Management industries. He is an enthusiastic leader who effectively translates project management theory into practical application. In addition to his IT management role, he is an author, instructor, and lecturer on a range of project management topics including PMO management, ERP implementation, application portfolio management and infrastructure management.

He frequently publishes on Techrepublic.com, Projects@Work and ProjectManagment.com. He is also an adjunct professor at Lawrence Technological University.  When he isn’t working, writing, or teaching, he’s found playing with his kids and learning the occasional card trick or two. He can be reached at andy@tacticalprojectmanagement.com