microsoft project tutorial finding invalid milestones

Project Schedule Quality 103: Finding Invalid Milestones

In this Microsoft Project tutorial, you’ll identify invalid milestones using by creating an invalid milestone custom filter.

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microsoft project tutorial custom filter

Project Schedule Quality 102: Finding Invalid Summary Tasks

In this Microsoft Project tutorial, you’ll learn how to identify invalid summary tasks in a project schedule by building custom filters. We want to identify any summary tasks that have a predecessor and any summary tasks that have resources assigned.

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project schedule quality

Project Schedule Quality 101: 14 Ways to Improve Your Project Schedule

Learn how to improve your project schedule quality with 19 Microsoft Project schedule quality assessment checks including the DCMA 14 point assessment

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Using Deadlines in Microsoft Project

One of the key lessons learned with Microsoft Project is to build a dynamic project schedule. A dynamic schedule is properly sequenced and is free of any task constraints. As the project executes, the Start and Finish dates will adjust based on the actual start/finish and actual work/duration recorded in the schedule.

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PMP Exam Preparation with Exam Time

PMP Exam Prep: How to Prepare for the PMP Exam Online

If you are preparing for the PMP exam, you are achievement-oriented and want to improve your knowledge and skills in the project management profession. The PMP is a well-recognized certification for Project Managers across multiple industries and is definitely worth pursuing for a successful PM career. How will you prepare for the PMP exam? If […]

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