7 Tips to Land Your Next Project Management Interview

We all know the project management field is booming and continues to grow!  PMI estimates the global economy will have introduced 15.7 million new project management roles by 2020. There is plenty of opportunity out there and it’s up to you to seize it! Opportunity alone does not guarantee your place as you still have […]

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inbox zero

7 Steps to Inbox Zero and Better Email Management

Go ahead. Admit it. You’ve got an overwhelmed email inbox. You can fix that situation with a few clicks without losing key emails. Learn the 7 Steps to Inbox Zero and Better Email Management.

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agile conference

6 Takeaways from the Agile and Beyond 2015 Conference

Learn about the 6 key takeaways from my trip Agile and Beyond 2015 conference

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project management office setup

6 Steps to a Successful Project Management Office

Assume you’ve been given the task of organizing a PMO for your organization. Where do you start?

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How to Prepare and Pass the PMP Certification Exam

Learn how to prepare and pass the PMP certification exam in 7 steps.

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Meet the PMConnection Search Engine

If you have a project management question, who do you reach out to?
Try the PMConnection Search Engine and get quality answers to your project management questions!

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microsoft project tutorial finding invalid milestones

Project Schedule Quality 103: Finding Invalid Milestones

In this Microsoft Project tutorial, you’ll identify invalid milestones using by creating an invalid milestone custom filter.

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microsoft project tutorial custom filter

Project Schedule Quality 102: Finding Invalid Summary Tasks

In this Microsoft Project tutorial, you’ll learn how to identify invalid summary tasks in a project schedule by building custom filters. We want to identify any summary tasks that have a predecessor and any summary tasks that have resources assigned.

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project schedule quality

Project Schedule Quality 101: 14 Ways to Improve Your Project Schedule

Learn how to improve your project schedule quality with 19 Microsoft Project schedule quality assessment checks including the DCMA 14 point assessment

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Using Deadlines in Microsoft Project

One of the key lessons learned with Microsoft Project is to build a dynamic project schedule. A dynamic schedule is properly sequenced and is free of any task constraints. As the project executes, the Start and Finish dates will adjust based on the actual start/finish and actual work/duration recorded in the schedule.

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